Osensei -  Morihei  Ueshiba Familly

What is Aikido ?!

Aikido is a martial art in which the force of the attack is used as a basis for the defense. Aikido techniques never go against the power and intention of an attacker, but make efficient use of them to neutralize the attack.

The training (DO) focuses on the development of physical and mental balance (AI) by efficiently performing techniques with a sense of timing and optimal breathing (KI).

Aikido focuses on personal development and has no matches. Aikido is suitable for all ages because aikido makes minimal use of muscle power.

• training without competition

• suitable for all ages

• men and women 

In aikido, in addition to practicing unarmed defense techniques against armed attackers (weapons techniques), we also address learning the use of traditional training weapons of the samurai: the knife (tanto), stick (jo) and the wooden sword (boken).

The use of the stick and the sword both help in learning proper posture, as well as to move out of the line of attack.

Training with weapons deepens our understanding of the timing and focus of the Aikido techniques.  


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