Aikido is a "modern" form of self-defense, which was developed by Morihei Ueshiba from traditional combat techniques like swordmanship and Ju Jutsu.

The basis for Aikido lies in the centuries-old techniques of the Samurai, the Japanese warriors.

These deadly and devastating techniques were transformed by Morithei Ueshiba to a martial art in which one allows oneself no harm, but does not harm the other.

The word Aikido is composed of the Japanese words for meeting or balance (ai), lifeforce (ki) and path (do).

Charafeddine Nafiaa 

 is the founder and head teacher of Aikido Abu DhabiHe has been practicing Aikido for over 29- years. In 2013, he received his 4th Dan (4th degree black belt) Aikikai Aikido from Christian Tiesser Chihan.

He regularly travels the world to learn more and to deepen his understanding of Aikido which he enthusiastically brings back to his students.

Charafeddine Sensei is a member of the technical board of the UAE Aikido  Committee


In this role he teaches the preparation classes for the 3th Dan grade. Charafeddine also teaches seminars in Emirates and Morocco. He has a long term relationship with Aikido in CapeTown, France and Amsterdam

Aikikai Aikido instructors of Abu Dhabi

In Our dojo, Charafeddine teaches most classes, and the other instructor’s play a supporting role and replace him when he is away. In our Abu Dhabi Dojo we have diversity of nationalities from around the world Emirates, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraqi, UK, USA, Brazil, France, Iceland, German, Bulgaria, India, Philippine, Kazakhistan,

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